Saturday, December 12, 2015

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Today is the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The above image was given by our Mother to a humble peasant on December 12, 1531 as a token of her appearance and the urge to build a Shrine in her name for the sake of conversion of sinners. The image was formed on a piece of garment worn by the peasant with colors so beautiful that were not to be found anywhere on earth. The bishop was astounded at the sight of the image and passed orders to build a Shrine in honor of the Blessed Virgin. Many people believed and turned from their evil ways.

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The garment with the image has been preserved and kept intact over all these years. Scientists have studied the garment and are at their wits end trying to understand how such a frail and ancient piece of cloth, which has just a shelf life of 30 years, can last for over four and a half century.

There was no means of preserving it with the use of chemicals or other substance back in those times. So it means that it has been somehow supernaturally preserved without any scientific or technological interference.

The painting has survived spilled acid, bomb explosion, prolonged exposure to infrared and ultraviolent radiations, humid and salty environment, et all with nothing diminishing the beauty of its colors or the integrity of its fabric. In fact, the back side of the fabric is rough and coarse, but the front part (where the image is) is soft as silk.

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In an age where one deters to believe in miracles or supernatural beings, what name can you give to something as magnificent and scientifically inexplicable as this?

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